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Travertine is one of the most frequently used stones in classic and modern architecture both for interior and exterior decorations. It is commonly used for building surfaces, façades, wall cladding, and flooring. Also, it is used for paving patios, courtyards, and garden paths. This stone is characterized by pitted holes and troughs in its surface which means that it has a concentric texture and porous surface.


Physically, commercial granites are Hard, Compact rocks with fine to coarse grains of metamorphic or igneous origin.

Compressive Strength
Water Absorption

Take Note: Just like nature, Natural stone has its own distinct versatile characteristics inherent to all naturally occurring products. Hence, variations in color, pattern and texture are to be expected. The final natural stone products are not always an exact match to the representative samples and images, since they are quarried from varying locations at different times.

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