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Cobble Stone

All cobbles are produced in 3 forms:

Regular Cubic
Irregular Cubic (9*9*9 – Tolerance 11)
Six sides Cut Cubic

Dimensions of Regular cobbles are:



Use of Cobbles | Best Supplier of Indian Cobbles

The cobbles can be used loose for the decoration of gardens, flower beds, streets and courtyards. They can also be placed with sand and cement to create flooring for courtyards and squares. They find application in –

  • Patios and Walkways: Using cobblestones to make a path or patio is an obvious choice for the inspired look.
  • Cobblestone Walls: These can be formed one of two ways – with mortar or by stacking the cobble stones.
  • Plant Beds: Cobblestones fit well in between flowers and shrubs to give a natural feel to a plant bed.
  • Cobble Stream Bed: Cobblestones are fairly similar in appearance to river rocks and work well as a substitute for them. Cobbles have been used to create a dry, winding stream bed by lining an area with the stones.
  • Tree Rings of Cobbles: Cobble stone are used for making Tree Rings in manicured gardens, it gives a stunning visual appeal to the garden.

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